Monday, February 6, 2012

Changes are coming to My Oracle Support

Oracle is in the process of getting rid of the incredibly annoying "Flash-based" version of My Oracle Support and replacing it with a site developed using their own Application Development Framework (ADF).

Over the weekend of January 27, 2012, they deployed the new site to replace their "html-based" version. It is available at:

It's my understanding that, at some future date, the main flash-based site ( will be replaced by this new version.

So, go check it out! It works pretty well... (and, for those of you using "i" devices that can't use Flash, it's a viable alternative...)

I should also note that Oracle does have a mobile version of My Oracle Support. While the mobile version does not offer the full functionality of the normal site, you can at least view and update your SRs. This feature, alone, can be a godsend when you're working on that Severity 1 SR!

The mobile version of My Oracle Support can be found at:


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