Monday, October 1, 2012

Oracle Support Changes Announced for EBS

During his session earlier today, Cliff Godwin announced some significant changes to the E-Business Suite support deadlines. I will put together a more polished post later, but for now, here are the details:

EBS 11i ( is STILL on Sustaining Support until December 31, 2013. However, they are making a few exceptions to the Sustaining Support policy. First, they will continue to provide bugfixes for Severity 1 production problems until December 31, 2014. Secondly, they will continue to provide updates for US Form 1099 through 2013 Year End. And finally, they are committing to provide Fiscal Year End 2014 Payroll updates for US, Canada, and UK.

For customers on Release 12.1, Oracle is waiving the Extended Support fees until December of 2018.

-- James
MINOR CORRECTION: EBS 11i is not "still on sustaining support". EBS 11i is actually on Extended Support until Nov 2013. (Thanks, Srini, for pointing this out!)


  1. James,

    Any idea when "official" updates to the Lifetime Support Policy will come? This is a bit confusing to me given the current policies in force.


    1. I will keep an eye out for the press release (or a similar posting on Steven Chan's blog). The changes to this policy were announced today during Cliff Godwin's session at OpenWorld. (To the point that even Steven Chan was declaring "I can't say anything, but attend Cliff's session on Monday" during his presentations on Sunday.)

      -- James

  2. Gotcha... I wish they would time their conference announcements with updates to their docs, especially when it comes to support policies. Enjoy Open World!


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