Speculation about EBS Release 12.2

Floyd Teeter raises some good points in his blog posting out today. You can read the full posting here (http://orclville.blogspot.com/2012/08/i-wonder-what-tomorrow-has-in-mind-for.html). Primarily, that we won’t actually have EBS R12.2 released during OpenWorld (as many of us were hoping).

Don’t get me wrong, there will certainly be some good EBS R12.2 information out there. Oracle put together a very informative presentation and discussion surrounding the patching changes at Collaborate in Las Vegas this past spring. You can almost certainly bet that there will be an updated version at OpenWorld.

But, considering that the closed Beta program is still underway and the Early Adopter program hasn’t started, any path of deduction should tell you that you’re not going to have a R12.2 “GA” announcement for a few months at best. Which most means that sometime around Collaborate 2013 (Denver) would be a decent guess.

— James

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