Planning for the future

Some things that are going to be coming up in the not too distant future (that you’ll definitely want to start planning/budgeting for).

  • Oracle RDBMS 19c is the only database release currently certified with any version of E-Business Suite.  The next certified version will be RDBMS 23c, which won’t be available outside of the “OCI Base Database Service” until sometime 1H CY2024.  (And won’t be certified with E-Business Suite until sometime after that).
  • Oracle RDBMS 19c is nearing the end of Premier Support (April 30, 2024).  However, they have waived the Extended Suport fees until April 30, 2026.  This is only a general waiver at this point (not just EBS).

[From MOS 742060.1]

  • When RDBMS 23c is released, it will only talk to Oracle Clients that are 19c or higher.  (This means that it won’t talk to anything on the current appsTier) 

[From MOS 207303.1]

The folks at ATG have been telling us for some time that:

  • The upgrade to EBS R12.2 is the last “major upgrade” for E-Business Suite.  Basically, the process we used to get to R12.2 (or to R12.1.3, R11i, etc) isn’t going to be used in the future to maintain EBS.  Everything from R12.2 forward will be delivered through the patching process (adop).
  • They are working on giving us the ability to perform major version upgrades of the software installed in the appsTier ${ORACLE_HOME} and ${IAS_ORACLE_HOME}.   Currently, we’re only able to do “point release” patching of those tools.  This would include major version upgrades to Oracle Forms & Reports (currently 10g as well as WebLogic (Currently 10.3.6).  

DISCLAIMER: I am not privvy to any secret “inside information”. Anything that I’m mentioning here is either publicly documented or has been publicly announced as “in the works”. Any speculation on dates is purely speculation on my part.

So, given that, here’s what I’m expecting to see in the (hopefully near) future:

  • Some time 1H CY2024, RDBMS 23c will be released for Linux x86-64 on-prem. (Other on-prem platforms will come later).
  • Oracle ATG will release procedures that will allow us to upgrade the appsTier Oracle Homes to much more current versions. The current version of Oracle Forms & Reports is, and the current version of WebLogic is, I would imagine that we would jump pretty close to those versions.
  • Oracle usually releases the next “point release” of E-Business Suite R12.2 late in the fall (September-November timeline). So, expect R12.2.14 around that time.
  • If I were to guess, just based on timelines, we’ll probably see the ATG announcement for the Oracle Home update processes/certifications to come around the time that they announce EBS R12.2.14 and that certification of EBS against RDBMS 23c will come shortly after.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means that CY2025 will probably be a very busy year. Plan and budget accordingly.